Grenada Treasure Hunt # 7

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Our Treasure Hunt #7 Winner

Our new treasure hunt winner is Maylive Francis.

After searching for several days, it was only the last set of clues which were posted on Webcamgrenada, which enabled her to find the Treasure.

Thanks to our sponsor, Lance Aux Epines Cottages, she is the winner of a weekend for two.

Monday 19th September"
It has been 3 weeks since the treasure has been hid, and still no one has found it. This has been one of the most difficult ones to find, and I can only guess that I did not give enough clues as to where I hid it. Well, we re-visited the site this weekend and took lots of additional photos of the route on the way to where it is buried, so all you treasure hunters out there, this is your chance to grab a great prize. Happy hunting.

Here is our third clue

Road to the treasure ... clue

Look out for that piece of bamboo

Saturday 10th September" Here is our second clue

More clues will be posted soon!!

Here is your first photo clue! = Treasure Hunt Rules
grenada treasure hunt

Good Luck and Happy hunting

We got a very nice prize for the winner!!