Fort Mathew Bar

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grenada fort mathew bar

We are always on the lookout for new places to visit and hangout with friends, and this bar is unusual enough that we just had to share it with everyone.
Its not the usual type of hangout but we have been regular visitors - In fact, at one time in its colorful history, it was used as the insane asylum.
We're talking about the bar at Fort Mathew, which we highly recommend. It has 'atmosphere', and you can wonder around the grounds and do a little exploring rather than just hanging out at the bar itself.

Once you are there, to find the bar you will need to cross the little bridge (next to the security guard) and follow the path to the old cellars.
There are a few signs around, but you can't get lost and its fun to do a little exploring around the grounds.
grenada fort mathew bar

They have converted two adjacent cellars into a bar and lounge with a T.V. room in the third one. The furnishings are made from old rum casks, so it adds to the atmosphere. We also noticed that they had whitewashed the tunnels running under the building and added some colored lights.
It all adds to the atmosphere, and the good news is that the beers are COLD! You almost feel like you have stepped back in time because they have done their best to keep the original construction.
grenada fort mathew bar

Of course you will have to do some exploring in the tunnels, which lead along the length and breath of the entire structure. One thing you will notice immediately is that they were constructed for people who were vertically challenged.... (a little shorter than us), and you realize quite quickly that you have to walk crouched to avoid bashing your brains out…

The grounds have been cleared up nicely, and you can see lots of the old architecture. They have also added a small stage in the main courtyard, and this is the best place to relax and enjoy your drink, as you can feel the cooling breezes out of the interior of the island.

grenada fort mathew bar

The best time to visit is around sunset, as the view is spectacular and you can watch the sky change color over the entire town and southern part of the island.

In case you are wondering, Fort Mathew was constructed as the main barracks for Fort Frederick and while the fortifications are not as obvious to most visitors, you pass directly by it on your way there.

Finding the bar is quite easy, as it is located next to Fort Frederick, in Morne Jaloux. To get there, you need to take the St. Paul's main road until you get to the White Gun turnoff and the road leading up to Morne Jaloux. The parking is in the yard adjacent to Fort Federick, and there is a security guard at the entrance to Point the way to the bar, if you are unsure.

grenada fort mathew bar

Besides the drinks at the bar, there are some snacks available and you can get fried chicken wings, bakes and fish cake.
Both the food and drinks are reasonably priced. The bar is open in the evenings on week days and Saturday evenings.
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