Cool Hike & Waterfall

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small waterfall grenada

Sometimes laying out on the beach and soaking up the sunshine makes you get a little too warm. Luckily Grenada can boast that it is one of the few destinations which offer a little bit of everything - from white sandy beaches to cool mountain streams and waterfalls, and you are sure to find your own private spot to shed the heat.

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Rocky's 'Unwind' Bar - Morne Rouge

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Rocky beach Bar morne rouge grenada

Its always nice to find a great place to hang out, and one of the places we are always on the look out for is that wooden beach bar where you can relax and have a cold drink.
You know the type of place we're referring to - that quaint shack beneath the trees which has the coldest beer and where you can walk right up to without having to worry about all the sand on your feet, or the fact that you are soaking wet from your last dip in the sea.

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Fort Mathew Bar

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grenada fort mathew bar

We are always on the lookout for new places to visit and hangout with friends, and this bar is unusual enough that we just had to share it with everyone.
Its not the usual type of hangout but we have been regular visitors - In fact, at one time in its colorful history, it was used as the insane asylum.
We're talking about the bar at Fort Mathew, which we highly recommend. It has 'atmosphere', and you can wonder around the grounds and do a little exploring rather than just hanging out at the bar itself.

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Breakfast @ Le Papillion Cafe at the Siesta Hotel

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grenada papillion cafe

We heard that a new cafe had opened up at the Siesta Hotel, and have wanted to check it out for the longest while. As our regular saturday breakfast hangout at Nick's Donut shop at the Marquis Complex closed down after 18 years, we figured it was a good a time as any to see what it was like, and have since been back to try other items on the menu. I'm talking about the Le Papillion Cafe at the Siesta Hotel in Grand Anse, which is run by Kathy Ann.

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