Grenada Treasure Hunt - Fourth Treasure

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grenada treasure hunt

The fourth Treasure Hunt!

Here is your first photo clue! = Treasure Hunt Rules
Grenada fourth
treasure hunt
X - marks the spot!!

Good Luck and Happy hunting

Monday 15th November 2010
The treasure is not found yet, so here is our second clue

grenada treasure hunt

Treasure is found November 15th

marcus winnerThe winner of this month's Treasure Hunt is Marcus who won a Sunset Cruise for two from First Impressions

Like he was explaining to me when the prize was delivered, he was determined to find this one and had searched along the east coast, including La Sagesse, Bathway, Sateurs (twice) and Pearls.

However, it was not until the second clue was posted, that he had a better idea of where it was located, and managed to find it before anyone else got there.

The part of the second photo which gave him an idea of where it was buried, was the field of young sugar cane amongst the palm trees.
The treasure was buried near the mouth of the River Antoine, less than 100yards from the shore. The field of young sugar cane is to the right of the entrance to the River Antoine Distillery.

Our next treasure hunt will be the first week of December.

Here are some more photos of the location.
Treasure Hunt 4 :: Treasure Hunt 4 :: Treasure Hunt 4 :: Treasure Hunt 4 ::


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