Grenada Treasure Hunt # 5

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grenada treasure hunt

The fifth Treasure Hunt!

Here is your first photo clue! = Treasure Hunt Rules
Grenada fifth
treasure hunt
Grenada fifth
treasure hunt

X - marks the spot!!

Good Luck and Happy hunting

Monday 31st January- second clue

Treasure was found February 5th

grenada treasure hunt winnerCongratulations to Dirk Janknecht for finding the treasure, which was hidden at Fort Jeudy Point.

They were on a trip to Carriacou when the second clue was posted, and noticed the similarity between it and a photo they had taken while exploring the island.
Hoping that it would not be found before they returned, they were lucky to find it before someone else figured out where the treasure was hidden.

They are the winners of a dinner for two at the Umbrella Beach Bar on Grand Anse Beach, and a bottle of Vintage Westerhall Rum.

Our next treasure hunt will be the first week of March.

Here are some more photos of the location.
Treasure Hunt 5 :: Treasure Hunt 5 :: Treasure Hunt 5 :: Treasure Hunt 5 ::