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Our website is not just another travel guide for Grenada. It is much much more. Grenada is our home, and on this site you will get to see some of the 'real' Grenada. Here you will see a selection of things we like to do, places we visit and events which we have gone to, which we have written about in our blog. It is NOT paid advertisement.
We are giving you our perspective on what its like to live and work here in the Spice Isle.
Get to know what the 'Real' Grenada is like, not the fictional one you may see in travel magazines.
On our site, you will not find anything about religion or politics - just lots of tips on things to do, photos of events, tips on places to visit and sights you would not want to miss on a visit here. Some of the best places (we think) to eat, tours you should not miss and events that should be on everyone's 'to do' list.

All the information you may need to plan a memorable vacation on our island, you can also visit our website Grenada Explorer 'Travel Guide". Still in doubt? Check out our live webcams!

A small insight into who "we" are, for people how don't know us yet :).

Originally from Germany, i moved here in '92 and met 'Neil', my husband and partner on this Blog. Worked in the Tourism Industry for a couple of years and started to develop our Grenada Explorer website when i saw that there was no comprehensive source of information for visitors to Grenada. I have seen many expats come and go over the years, and i see things a lot different from 'newcomers' to the island. You can see from our Blog entires, that i enjoy discovering new things about our island and sharing it with everyone.
Love Hashing (check out grenadahash.com for more about it) and hiking, exploring the island, trying out the tours, restaurants, and visiting the many beaches around the island.

I'm Grenadian, and Moni's partner and fellow hasher.
Growing up here, your point of view and pace of live is markedly different from what you would expect if you come from a more developed country. The way things are done can make most visitors throw up their hands in frustration and want to run around screaming….. some do.
Between the two of us, you should get a more or less balanced view of life here….sort of ;-)
There is just no time to be bored here… too much to do and see.
Hope you all will enjoy our "Grenada Blog"

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